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Rigid New Developed Products in 2018 Bauma China

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Rigid New Developed Products in 2018 Bauma China

China Bauma 2018

Rigid New Developed Products in 2018 Bauma China

1.  Rigid Electromagnetic Braking Motor

  1. 1 We officially announced the new "RIGID" brand electromagnetic braking motor during the exhibition. After combining the company's products with the actual situation of China's electromagnetic braking motor, this motor is jointly developed by technical experts from China and Germany with two years of research and development, testing and finalizing, Rigid has completely independent intellectual property rights on it.


  1. 2 The new motor, not only the appearance has been improved, noise, durability, braking efficiency and other aspects have also been comprehensively improved, and reserved the hour meter device space, provides a variety of installation methods. This product passed the CE certification in November 2018, which narrowed the gap between domestic electromagnetic braking motor and German motor in the industry and made it an advanced product in the suspended platform industry. It will further improve the product quality of Rigid suspended platform.

  1. 3 We announce that new orders to be accepted from December 1st, 2018 will be adapted with new motors. For old customers, we will not raise the price for quality improvement. Welcome our customers to give more feedback on the new products.

The photos of new motor

Rigid New Developed Products

1.     LTD200-14P12 Hoist


The new LTD200 hoist is also officially released during the exhibition, and orders began to be accepted, which declares Rigid entering into super power hoist field, becoming the pioneer of Chinese large loading capacity hoist. This product passed through three years of research, development and testing. In November, LTD200 production line was set up, at the same time LTD200 hoist got approval from German TUV and SGS Switzerland CE inspection, the product quality completely trustworthy, welcome new and old customers for popularization and application.

Rigid New Developed Products -2

1.     JZPT Series Aluminum Frame Elevator Installation Platform


With the popularization of global scaffolding less elevator installation, there are more and more demand for high-level elevator installation platform, Rigid, with global famous elevator manufacturers, jointly developed new JZPT series elevator installation platform, also made the first release in Bauma exhibition. Later we will complete the CE certification, and orders are welcome. Be attention, it is coming soon!

Rigid New Developed Products -3

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